Are Virtual Vacations Worth Your Time?

Virtual Vacations

Have you ever wished you could take a vacation right now, but don’t have the time or money? Virtual vacations are here to save the day. However, are they actually vacations or just a waste of time? For some, this trend has become the perfect way to quickly get away without ever having to pack a single bag.

How Do Virtual Vacations Work?

Taking virtual vacations might not sound quite as exciting as sitting on a warm beach, but they’re a way to get as close to the action as possible without being physically there. Thanks to advances in virtual reality and augmented reality, it’s now possible to experience exotic locales from the comfort of your own home.

When you take virtual vacations, you view immersive VR videos and images. If you don’t have a VR headset, some are allowing you the option of viewing 360 degree videos on YouTube or Facebook.

Why Take Virtual Vacations?

While it might sound interesting, it doesn’t compare to the real thing. So, why bother? These types of vacations are more useful than you might think.

For instance, anyone who is completely home bound due to illness or injury is able to get away for a while. A Stanford study tested VR outdoor experiences on a group of seniors. Bill Frye was 96 and in a wheelchair, but was able to experience riding a bike through a forest. According to Stanford mechanical engineering student Kelly Lowen, virtual environments are able to help reduce depression.

Virtual reality is already being used to successfully treat a wide range of mental illnesses. When it comes to virtual vacations, it’s a break for your mind. If you’re stressed, take a quick hour long vacation during your lunch break to clear your mind and refocus.

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Of course, you might just take a virtual test drive of a vacation you’re considering. After all, you wouldn’t want to spend hundreds or thousands only to be disappointed. Some tourism agencies are releasing virtual vacation experiences to entice more people to take real vacations to those areas, such as Las Vegas, Australia, and Thailand.

The other reason to opt for virtual vacations is they’re usually free. At that price point, you can’t expect the real thing, but you get a fun experience that makes you feel like you just had a vacation.

Are Virtual Vacations Worth It?

The great thing about going virtual for your next vacation is you can go anywhere at anytime. If you enjoy yourself, they’re worth it. Even if you don’t like it, you’re only out an hour or so of your time. If you have a family that all wants to go to different places, take virtual vacations to make everyone happy.

For the best experience, all you need is a VR headset. Travel anywhere by using VR apps, such as:

Condé Nast even suggests some virtual vacations are almost as good as the real thing. Don’t worry if you don’t have a VR headset. Some of the above offer videos from your computer and phone, while Globebop and YouTube are great sources for a quick online vacation.

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