The Windows 10 Fall Creators Update Is Coming – What You Need To Know

Windows 10 Fall Creators Update

It’s that time again – pumpkin spice everything, colorful leaves, and of course, a new Windows 10 update. The latest major update is called the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update. As the name implies, many of the new features focus on creativity, but added security is also included.

The Big Arrival

The Windows 10 Fall Creators Update is coming to computers worldwide on October 17. This is a larger update, so it’ll take longer than your average security patch to download and install. While Microsoft’s been testing the update throughout the year, you’ll still have to wait a little longer for the final release.

Introducing Mixed Reality

One of the new features included in this update is Windows Mixed Reality. Virtual reality is nothing new, but Microsoft is using this update to bring a new type of VR experience. By combining a special headset that connects to your Windows 10 device, you’re able to interact with the world around you in a new way.

mixed reality Windows 10 Fall Creators Update
View in mixed reality enables you to capture mixed reality by inserting 3D objects into your world. Image via Microsoft.

You don’t actually need a headset to try out Windows Mixed Reality. The update includes Mixed Reality Viewer that allows you to mix photos and your own digital creations with the real world. It’s one of the easiest ways to experience augmented reality. If you want a headset, they’ll be available on October 17 to coincide with the update.

My People Finally Arrives

Many users were disappointed to discover the My People feature didn’t make the cut in the last update. However, it’s finally arriving in October. It’s a new hub in your taskbar that lets you instantly communicate with contacts without having to open an app first. You’re able to pin up to three contacts. Think of it as a quick chat feature.

Save Space With OneDrive Files On Demand

This new feature enhances how you access your OneDrive files. Instead of only seeing certain files and folders locally in Windows Explorer, you’re now able to see all of your stored files. They’ll just be marked with a small cloud icon to distinguish between local and cloud storage.

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Windows Defender Gets Tougher

Ransomware is on the rise and Windows is helping keep you safe. The Windows 10 Fall Creators Update includes additional protections against ransomware and other exploits. Through the use of cloud intelligence, Windows Defender helps protect against these emerging threats.

Improved Windows Inking

Surface Pens Windows 10 Fall Creators Update
Microsoft Surface Pens. Image via Microsoft.

Windows Inking was already a great feature, but now you’re able to ink directly on to PDFs. The best part is the Smart Ink features automatically perfects what you draw, such as turning a not-so-perfect square into a perfect square. There is even a Windows Find My Pen feature to help you find your pen so you can actually enjoy the feature.

Built for Gaming

If you’d like your computer to function more like an Xbox, Microsoft has you covered. This new update includes an improved Game Mode. Simply press a new button in the Game bar and the game uses your PC’s full processing power to boost your gaming experience.

Microsoft is even adding more Xbox Play Anywhere titles to help you take advantage of these improvements.

Better Accessibility

A truly remarkable new feature in the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update is an accessibility option for those with Lou Gehrig’s disease. Since one of the only muscles not affected by this disease is the eyes, there was a need to use a computer with just the eyes.

A team, Ability Eye Gaze, participating in the One Week Hackathon created a wheelchair that allowed someone to drive their wheelchair with just his eyes. This further inspired Microsoft to implement this idea in Windows 10. The new Eye Control feature allows users to use an onscreen keyboard, mouse, and text-to-speech option using their eyes alone. Users will need a special eye tracker for this function to work, though.

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Find Emoji With Ease

Wish you could quickly access emoji on Windows 10? With this new update, you finally can. By pressing the Win key + . (period) or Win key + ; (semicolon), you’re able bring up available emoji for use within various Windows apps.

It’s also worth noting that Windows 10 will now have Emoji 5.0 support. This means you have even more great emoji to express yourself.

Save Precious Battery Life

For multi-taskers, battery life is a precious commodity, but the new Power Throttling feature helps you do more without your laptop battery dying so quickly. The feature is designed to optimize CPU resources to be more energy efficient.

The result is you’re able to get more done with fewer charges. In the latest tests, the most strenuous usage conditions showed an 11% savings in how much power the CPU used.

Edge Gets a Boost

As usual in these major updates, Edge gets some added features. It’s now easier to manage, organize, and view your favorites. You’re also able to fully interact with EPUB books, including highlighting and adding comments.

If you haven’t switched to Edge because there wasn’t an easy way to transfer your settings from Chrome, you’re now in luck. The Windows 10 Fall Creators Update will let you import your settings and bookmarks from Chrome.

PDF support is also enhanced. You’ll be able to interact with forms, add annotations, and fit PDFs to the window. You’ll also be able to pin your favorite websites to the taskbar for one-click access.

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Other Odds and Ends

Naturally, every major update adds a slew of little fixes and changes. Microsoft provides a full list of changes for every update, including the Fall Creators Update. You’ll notice small changes to the Start Menu, Action Center, and Cortana. For instance, you can use Cortana’s voice commands to shut down your computer.

Looking Forward

A few great features were promised in this update, but sadly, they’ve been delayed. Timeline was a feature that allowed users to switch between multiple devices and simply pick up where they left off. It’s a great concept, but it wasn’t quite ready yet. Microsoft hopes to have it ready by March 2018.

A universal clipboard option also got delayed. This feature was designed to let you copy data between your phone and computer easily. Hopefully, this one will make it to the next major update too.

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