The Windows 10 Update Changed My Settings, Now What?

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Windows 10 Update changed settings

It’s become a common occurrence that a Windows 10 update changed settings on people’s computers. Updates often change some settings to fit with new features. However, Windows 10 updates may change personalized settings back to their defaults. This isn’t a problem unless you don’t realize they’ve been changed.

Why Settings Are Changed

You might wonder why Microsoft would want to switch your custom settings back to their defaults. It’s a combination of greed, jealousy, and protecting users. For instance, take a look at some of the settings that may have changed:

  • Default apps changed back to standard Windows apps
  • Personalized ads are turned on
  • Third party drivers replaced by Microsoft’s drivers
  • Printers are uninstalled

This is just a small list. The number of changed settings varies based on how much you’ve customized your computer. For instance, this Reddit thread shows how different users have different experiences after the Windows 10 Fall Update.

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Taking Back Control

Your Windows 10 update changed settings, so what’s the next step? Right now, there isn’t any way to prevent Windows 10 from changing your settings. It’s just one of the cons of this operating system.

Digital Care Win10 Wizard can control your settings from one screen, making fixing those defaults a breeze.

The best thing you can do is create a checklist of all your custom settings, third party drivers, and default apps. Do this before another update is installed. When you get the notification that Windows 10 has updated, you’ll have a list at hand to quickly check all your settings.

A few things you should have on your list include:

  • Printers and printer drivers
  • Which apps are your preferred defaults
  • All privacy settings
  • Any drivers for additional hardware
  • Update settings (especially for metered connections)
  • Network settings, such as sharing Wi-Fi information
  • Notification settings

It’s still a pain to have to go back and check your settings manually after an update, but it’s better than losing control over settings completely.

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Limit When Settings Are Changed

The good thing is the Windows 10 update changed settings issue usually only happens during major updates. All those smaller updates that happen often shouldn’t wreak havoc on your system quite like the big updates. With a little work, you can change when those major updates occur, giving you more control.

You do have a few options to regain control so you only have to deal with changed settings on your schedule. First, go to Start > Settings > Update & security > Windows Update > Advanced Options. Check Defer upgrades. This temporarily stalls an update, but it’s not a permanent solution.

The other option is to set your Wi-Fi network connection as metered. Windows 10 won’t download or install any updates automatically on metered connections. Go to Start > Settings > Network & Internet. Select the Wi-Fi tab and choose Advanced Options. Turn on Metered Connection.

No matter what you do, you’ll still encounter the Windows 10 update changed settings issue. To streamline the process of repairing the damage, consider the Digital Care Win10 Wizard. You can control your settings from one screen, making fixing those defaults a breeze.

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  1. Microsoft please learn from users of their requirements. It took me approximately a week to find a method and restore my Windows 10 system due to the last upgrade !
    I am now totally fed up with the Microsft systems and would never buy another Microsoft system. When one wants to use a computer the user needs the MACHINE to be fully available and not compromised in this manner. Clearly, Microsoft don’t give a toss about the users and their frustrations.

  2. Is this why I can not even get to the login? Several times in the past I power on my laptop, and get to the wallpaper, but no matter what I try, I can not get the username, password box to come on. I usually have to disconnect the battery for a few hours, then it will work again. I’m afraid that someday I’ll be locked out forever.